I believe that knowledge on how to live a more peaceful and productive life should not be dependent on status or how much you have because that can change in a blink of an eye.  We are all here in this living space of Earth together and if we can help lift each other up to higher states of bliss through practice & sharing, it would be possible for us to live in Peace with each other and our surroundings on our beautiful Planet.

So it is the utmost priority that we lift each other up whenever possible because it  creates a better experience for all of us, as a whole picture. I do not mean that we carry each other because each person must make their own way, but sharing knowledge that empowers and inspires us to grow into the best version of ourselves possible.

So  group and individual/private class fees will be based on sliding scale, to help me to bring this experience & healing to as many people as possible.

Over the Phone Mini-Meditations and Yogic counsel: Free to my students– Something that I offer, that no other yoga instructor offers is over the phone Yoga. If you feel that you need help finding that quiet place inside yourself to help you walk through many of life’s challenges and/or emotions, I can guide you through a quick meditation over the phone to help. Any of my students using this service, Please text first, so that i may prepare for your call. (see contact page)

Group classes (schedule posted below) drop in: (Updating prices) First class is Free

Monthly Rate (updating prices)…….

Individual/Private class: (Sliding Scale $25-$75) Email or text to schedule-Can be scheduled at the wellness center, your work place or home. (Recommended group class attendance before scheduling  private instruction). To Cancel or reschedule a confirmed appointment, you must give at least 24hour notice.

WillowBranchLibrary (classes held at the library are FREE and open to the public) jplcalendar.coj.net/evanced/lib/eventcalendar.asp

Updated schedule……..

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Thank you for your loving support! May the Divine guide you and Peace be with you.